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About Lisa Sanders


I am a mixed media artist based out of Davis, California.


Art and creating have always been a part of my adult life, particularly in the area of textiles: garment construction and fiber arts, but it is in abstract paintings and collages that I find my most expressive outlet.


I use a variety of media in my paintings: vintage family fabric and papers as well as found wood, metal, acrylics, plastics and encaustic. I believe long forgotten pieces of discarded metal, plastic, wood and fabric bring an element of thoughtfulness to art. I incorporate these objects in my pieces and hope that this will draw people into thought and reflection when they view my work.


original artwork by Lisa Sanders
Lisa Sanders

Creating paintings brings me intense satisfaction, second only to the feeling I have watching others connect and find their own meaning when viewing my work. 

I sell my items exclusively at California art fairs.  Please check this website, as well as my Instagram, from time to time to see fair listings as they are added.  In the meantime enjoy the images of some of my work, I will try to update these often.   

To contact me, please DM me on Instagram:

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